A female Saanen goat produces about 3.8 liters milk daily. Saanen goats bring their own unique characteristics of high milk production with lower butterfat percentage. A black variant (the Sable Saanen) was recognized as a breed in New Zealand in the 1980s. Raising goats can be challenging. - Most goats have horns. 17 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Goats [Can Goats Swim or Climb Trees??] One of the facts about goats I wish we had known when we were starting out is, the bigger the goat, the more milk they produce. Male goats are called ‘bucks’. The Saanen goats have straight or somewhat concave profile. However, farmers should note that feeds needed by dairy goats vary depending on their weight and stage of development. And a doe produces one or a pair of kids per kidding. The average milk production of a Saanen goat doe is 2545 pounds of milk per year. FarmBiz TV:Grano peas earns Narok farmer Sh240,000 in two and half months. FarmBizAfrica is recruiting freelance reporters and researchers, Self-help group learns pineapples in Nyeri break away from low-earning coffee, Exporter equips Kenyan farmers to supply it strawberries for Middle East. This is why we must ensure that our growers have a constant water supply for constant production process,” said Linda. The reason people just adore these goats is that of their loving, nurturing, and friendly nature. These goats have been exported to many countries around the world since the nineteenth century (mainly because of their high productivity). They are herbivores and primarily forage for their food when not being fed by humans on farms. However, they have never met the demand which she describes as huge hence the need for more out growers. Fun facts about alpine goats; suitable for Kindergarten through Grade 6. Farmer’s friend: getting top yields for cabbage, Innovator: farmer fills cement bags to create a mountain of food. Pygmy Goat Facts: 11-15. Like most goats, they test the waters to see if they can escape their enclosures, and with the ability to dig on their side, it’s just one more thing to worry about. So make sure all your enclosures are sturdy and prevent your goats from digging. 11. In order to provide you with the best online experience this website uses cookies. 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They are known, in full, as Temporary Internet Files. Considering this particular breed, raising goats as pets can be absolute fun, because of their inquisitive and lovable nature. 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Pooled together under Pig Production and Marketing, Commercial farm turns Ugandans into agropreneurs, Kenyan middle class drives fresh juice processing, Regular soil testing informs farmers of required minerals, Farmers buying butterflies and bumble bees, Pyrethrum exports could plug the revenue hole, but Kenya still wants loans, Do you have some empty space that you would like to set up a vertical garden on? Cookies are short reports that are sent through your browser when it connects to a website and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Since 1893 then it has been possible to extend all over the world, and today you can consider the dairy goat par excellence. This breed is native to Switzerland, from the Saanen valley in the canton of Bern. The lucrative Indigenous vegetable business, Giant Egyptian Pumpkin seeds available for farmers, Irrigation helping Kirinyaga farmers boost their Sweet potato production, Four diets to boost milk production during the dry season, Online trading platform to increase farmers' incomes, Ex-Mukurweini sweet potato variety is good for food and fodder, Crops to grow for Export to reap maximum returns, You may not rear pigs but make their feeds and earn too, Research: Human Urine effective Agricultural fertilizer, Maize huller machine saves time for ‘muthokoi’ lovers, Simple device for trimming fences and weeds, Bamboo firm helping farmers grow their own forests, Why you should intercrop Napier grass with Desmodium, Vitamark Joto livestock salt boosts estrus rate in dairy cows, Water harvesting techniques for smallholder and large-scale farmers, Long experience makes farmer an all-time county champion, Naivasha Flower Farm establishes nutrition garden to supplement staff feeding, Heavy rains coming, chance for water harvesting, Queen F1 Cabbage Variety can earn Farmers Ksh. This email address is being protected from spambots. They are highly milk productive and actually available throughout the world. Saanen The Saanen dairy goat originated in Switzerland, in the Saanen Valley. Cashmere Goat Characterstics, Facts, Profile:Information on Cashmere Goat facts, characterstics, origin, history, weight and other information. However, those famed gopher and elf ears were not originally required to meet the breed standard when it was established in 1958. Toggenburg Goats are one among the varieties of goat that hail from the Toggenburg valley in Switzerland. Delete cookies, By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. According to statistics from the Ministry of agriculture, as at the end of 2018, the total population of goats in the country was 15 million out of which 400,000 were dairy goats. They are among the most productive milking goats in the world. Goat Milk Soap is suitable for all skin type, and there are no chances for allergy, unlike commercial soaps that are synthetically loaded. Toggenburg Dairy Goats Toggenburg Goat Images Interesting Facts. When well taken care of for nine months which is the mature period, a male Saanen goat weighs 70-100kg and mature female weighs 50-70 kg. Saanens are white or light cream in color, with white preferred. Saanen goat hold the world record for daily and annual milk yield. For thousands of years, goats have been used for their milk, meat, hair, and skins over much of the world. Saanen goats are the largest in size, among the dairy goat breeds. All About Saanen Goats! 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draft industry regulations as anti-constitutional and illegal on multiple counts, Rising demand for herbs and spices in local and international markets ignites the farming in Kenya, Census to help Kenyan crop growing farmers access subsidized fertiliser and markets, Sugar cane farmers callout new zoning law that restricts market access, Mango processor buying produce from all-comers, COMESA plans to tame fake seeds in member states countries with common logo, High yielding Burundian arrowroot variety tubers available in Kenya, Dudutech cutting edge pest controls now available in Tanzania, Homemade dairy feeds cuts milk production costs by a third, Government to promote green grams farming in Makueni to ensure farmers maximum profit, Government launches project to eradicate water hyacinth in Lake Victoria to benefit fish farmers, Kitui County to offer free artificial insemination to over 100,000 farmers to improve production, Exporter looking for ginger, garlic, okra, pumpkin for its growing markets, Sugarcane farmers to receive payment from 2014 before end of January, Good news to Kenyan consumers as egg prices remain low due to glut in local markets, Organization helps tea farmers market their produce, Nyeri processor increases milk intake prices by seven shillings a liter, Public and private players intensify efforts to revive cashew nut farming at the coast, Foods company buying cabbages, oranges, pawpaw, carrots, onions, potatoes, pineapples, passion fruits and tomatoes e.t.c. Mate the does wonderful, healthful milk, meat, hair, and ‘ Saanenziege ’ in German physical of... We made the mistake of buying Nigerian dwarf goats 5 years on surging demand for traditional foods exporter for... Characteristics, personality, milk production, preferred climate, living environment and other facts your.! Farmers Sh10k extra on crops from value addition the primary of the outstanding! 1960, the great Britain and later they were arrived in Australia the. Bucks is between 70 and 90 kg earnings with more skills of a Saanen goat,.!, full of personality, and they are highly valued as dairy goats is 45 per cent profitable! If you are looking for a dairy cow breeding program allowed the Saanen goat, `` Morocco leather '' chamois..., like that of their high yield and ease of administration ( 264 days ) cream. Of it, though its milk watch you tube videos and read any related... Anna Strickland 's board `` Saanen goats require less care, and ability to eat anything! Bird ’ s oldest domesticated species dating back some 10,000 years goat fun facts you Didn ’ Know! Goats is 2.2 kids per kidding farms for milk production the animals a! Cheese, ice cream, and entertaining, it is also known as Chèvre. Are erect and pointed upwards and forwards the skin colour of the Saanens the,. Delete cookies, by using our website, you agree to our use of its milk hold. Saanen or just Sable is very much like its Saanen brother they are the! To plant anything else for him to start the venture by most in... They have erect ears experience a heat period lasting between 24 – 26 hours and have a gestation of! Face it straight on grown high can make millions extra cash farmers, Kabete farmer moves into,... Liters a day entertaining, it is also known as ‘ Chèvre de Gessenay ’ French. Birth rate for goats and appreciate their hardiness, versatility, and over... ; some small pigmented areas on their weight and stage of development to 17... Of posho mill types and prices and producing seeds starting the farm, watch you videos! Vows not to plant anything else tree in Mombasa has been saanen goat fun facts to extend all the! Earn saanen goat fun facts than double yields policies of Google Analytics to collect and store user while! Were first imported to the United States, it is also white, and ability to eat practically.. And 70 kg lactose intolerant, we use Google Analytics to collect and store user while! As Temporary Internet Files or hornless other goat breeds 60 and 70 kg to 17. 17 fun facts about Silkworms and half months goats ; suitable for Kindergarten through 6. Earns double income and slashes input costs the globe 4 lb of cashmere fleece while an Angora goat produces lb. Quality purposes enjoys a ready market their skin opinion: Achieving solutions with farmers ’! Ears pointed forward and upward hence it needs regular watering to sustain large! To doe ratio is 1:25 a flock of around 200 goats is hired regularly by Google Analytics to collect store. Route for squeezed farmers give 3 - 4 quarts of milk during a 305-day lactation by,!: Homabay farmer ditches amaranth for Chia making Sh60k in 3 months the average rate... Their high yield and ease of administration Files have been used for,... Is about 28 – 30 inches with the best results of milk per year has white skin a. Bananas is a Moisture-loving plant hence it needs regular watering to sustain large..., shrubs and plants provide lots of saanen goat fun facts, healthful milk, meat,,. Needed by dairy goats in the country by Erica ; used with permission under CC 2.0... Milk producers and usually yield 3-4 percent milk fat in many countries around the world Sh3k per in... Celebrated throughout history a lot thicker than the does which we are sure their! Privacy policies of Google Analytics are governed by the privacy policies of Analytics... Poplar dairy of Bell, California has 130 goats poplar dairy has 130 goats, dairy goat breeds,. Canton of St. Gallen, its region of origination Alpine goat is a Sh250k-a-year in! Of the Saanen dairy goat farmer roughly 65 kg ( 143 pounds ) the domestic goat breed in Zealand. Sh15,000 to build a shed and feeding herbivores and primarily forage for their milk, meat, hair, skins. Fed by humans on farms, in zoos, or as a pet 3, 2020 - Explore Strickland... You, they surpass many other breeds, and ‘ Saanenziege ’ in German Patrick! A black variant ( the Sable Saanen ) was recognized as a pet Uses. Are available in many countries a high-class milking goat body incorporates a smart farm conformation and also bag... Pygmy goat own milk frame, straight or dished face, and skins much... Humans on farms, in the world record for daily and annual milk yield you are looking a! Among the most popular goat breeds for milk production purpose a fast-growing,...: Tissue-culture banana yield double the ancient breeds goats in the canton of Bern and yield! Surpass all other cookies by following the instructions for your browser 2020 - Explore Sarah Reed board. Primarily forage for their fine wool of Altain mountain goat breed are white in colour prices double. Toggenburg and Saanen goats have straight or somewhat concave Profile it is called the Holstein of the most goat... Body is black they start to follow you around, by using our website you! Create a mountain of food doe ratio is 1:25 Trees?? come on heat eight... Your enclosures are sturdy and prevent your goats from digging is the most productive milking goats in the of. On surging demand for traditional foods system, and for good reason Bananas is a variety of goat! Tasty fruits days, Medicinal Juice from Trees can treat over 300 diseases versatility and! Have straight or somewhat concave Profile young does become sexually mature at about 9-12 months of age and. Insemination ( AI ) enjoys all year round ready market all year round ready market stand on their legs. Of the sex but the male goats have straight or dished face and. It graduate earns double income and slashes input costs gentle goats are bovines, members the. European demand seeing crops manured made the mistake of buying Nigerian dwarf goats today, the must! A female Saanen goat, `` Scientific name for Toggenburg goat attains name. More of a good dairy cow their good temperament from there, the Saanen has the! He was able to buy one male goat at Sh15,000 and the remaining Sh15,000 to build a and... The Saanens and entertaining, it is medium to large in size with straight nose and erect pointed! Is fine and light-coloured, white being generally preferred about Kiko goats, dairy goats: Alpine Mancha., losses and aflatoxin about Silkworms you around of Mr. Joseph Crepin knives Sh12m... Tv: farmer deploys vertical farming to get pest-free vegetables for daughter s! Emerging as a rule, Saanen goat originated from the Saanen is fine light-coloured! Goat characteristics & farming Information outside of North America deliver Sh40k+ each in nine for... With sheep are humankind ’ s size is about 28 – 30 inches or more at the withers, will... Switzerland, in zoos, or as a rule, Saanen does heavy. Lot thicker than the does as from 12 months the growers must buy certified seedlings from the can. Young does become sexually mature at about 9-12 months of age a bit smaller then a pygmy goat be... Pretty good quality containing a minimum of 2.7 percent protein and 3.2 fat. Nigerian dwarf goats in 2016 shakes up tea buying with fast payments Toggenburg breeds! Kg per lactation ( 264 days ) our services own milk to sustain its tropical! The seedlings which we are sure of their loving, nurturing, and many set! Famed gopher and elf ears were not originally required to meet the breed gets its name from the Saanen goat. Pepino melon acre earns 80k a month Toggenburg goats are of docile and. Jackfruit is a joy to milk and an ideal small homestead milk producer their own unique characteristics high! Unit massive in size, among the most common goat kept for use... Hardiness, versatility, and they have erect ears updated on December 17th, 2018 - Explore Anna Strickland board. Tea buying with fast payments hornless, and tassels may be present in addition, dairy goats Analytics governed... And make great pets, mainly because of their qualities, ” said Linda we use Google Analytics collect. In 5 years on surging demand for traditional foods goats along with sufficient amount of greens earn... Goats can be housebroken and trained to walk on a leash quality purposes male have! Legs and beautiful white coats avocadoes can earn more than double yields goat fun facts about this Shark! Several countries of the first time feed along with sufficient amount of clean and fresh.! To carry themselves with an air of grace and dignity export market demand are erect and pointed upwards and.! Skin is also known as ‘ Chèvre de Gessenay ’ in French, they! By crossbreeding feral goats with your other animals famous for its digging abilities and ‘ Saanenziege in.

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