Howzer recalls that King told him that he had lost his Sunshine power, so he could not face the Indura clone in his state. Antworten. When a small Indura clone appears in Liones and is about to kill an defeated Griamore, Howzer and Gilthunder; Escanor appears and shields the three by taking the attack with his body and receiving a serious injury. However, with Merlin's approval, Meliodas sends the attack to the Demon King, killing him once and for all. Also Escanor and Meliodas aren't fast enough to blitz Gerard and he can actually one shot them both. Disheartened, Escanor leaves without saying a word. Estarossa feeling superior because of his commandment, notices that Escanor is not affected by it and asks the Sin for the reason why. Range: Standard melee range, Extended melee range with his axe, Hundreds of meters (several hundreds) with Sunshine. He later assists along Merlin and Elizabeth to the meeting to prepare for the Holy War, having an encounter with Sariel and Tarmiel when they recognize Mael's Grace on him. Er ist der Besitzer der berühmten Taverne Boar Hat und ist der Hauptprotagonist der Serie. Escanor recognizes him as Estarossa, but quickly understands that he is Mael. Comprar THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS 35 de MANGA, NORMA, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS en Arcadia Comics Online, Tu tienda en Móstoles de comics, juegos de tablero y cartas, manga, libros, figuras, todo el ocio alternativo, estamos en Móstoles Meliodas himself stated that Escanor is stronger than him, ultimately meaning that he'll lose if they were to fight. Upon returning to Liones, Escanor goes with her friends to a meeting organized by King Baltra. [4], With Galand surprised of Escanor's audacity, to demonstrate his strength, Escanor slices the commandment in half with a mere swing of his axe. We had a glimpse of what that might look like with his battle against Escanor, providentially contained in Merlin's "Perfect Cube." Estarossa uses Full Counter again, reflecting all of Escanor's power, greatly damaging him. When Merlin walks off and enters a room, she almost collapses and is caught by the captain. Reviews: 0. When Escanor asks him if he has any plans, threatening to send him to fly if it is not. The Demon King is released creating a great monster of darkness. - big_adventure. Escanor loses Rhitta in the process, returning to his night form. Not only for reminding Rosa, but because she looked at him, spoke and connected with him without any prejudice or discrimination. 8 Monate zuvor Elizabeth ist so geil. Escanor claims victory, asking Meliodas how it feels for a demon god to be looked down upon by a human. Escanor then proceeds to return to Liones Castle in order to support his comrades. When Escanor regained conscience, Gowther holds him to see how he was. The Sins having a final moment with Meliodas. Meliodas, Escanor and Ban vs. Godzilla, Ghidorah and Mothra. Meliodas decides to tell everyone about he and Elizabeth were cursed by their parents. Escanor is mach 1000-8800. Diane then calls for Meliodas to show that the Commandments are still there. Meliodas, with his immense strength, was seen dragging Rhitta along the floor and complaining about its weight, but Escanor can casually lift it with one hand during the daytime. However, when Hawk discover that the cocoon was already empty, Escanor along everyone is abrumated by the incredible darkness coming from a Meliodas turned Demon King. He is the son of a demon god, over three thousand years old, and from another realm of existence. Followers. Seeing this is not enough she enhances them with Shura no Onshu. Zeldris, who has been watching the fight, tries to pull his brother away but is also blown away by the force of the attack. There, Gowther comes out with a plan and manages to use his Invasion and take Elizabeth and the other Sins into the spiritual world where Meliodas confronts the Demon King. When Meliodas says they must return, Escanor worries about Meliodas keeping a secret. He stops a lunge of the Demon King with his arm, and then recites a poem about how he has decided to offer his life for his companions. Melascula sarcastically thanks him for the offer and freeing her from Galand, and uses her Antan no Mayu to trap Escanor and proceeds to remove and eat his soul. Mael accepts to help them but rejects the Grace, affirming that he is no longer worthy of it after having been consumed by the darkness taking it away until he chose Escanor as his new owner after waiting so long. Escanor also had to resort to his strongest magic power to give him the clear advantage, as opposed to just casually wrecking like he usually does. Escanor tries to convince Gloxinia and Drole to let him forfeit the battle or at least change the rules, so he will not have to fight Gowther as he is a precious friend. Prime Meliodas power level was NOT 142k. Not only that even that meliodas made ludo hesitant to face him alone which he needed both sariel and tarmiel to team up against indura and meliodas. As the Commandment falls into the water, Escanor makes the sunsphere explode, releasing so much heat that the lake completely evaporates in the process. After leaving Liones, Escanor, along with Merlin, Ludociel, Gilthunder and Hendrickson teleport to Camelot. However, before he can finish Escanor, a enormous flying object comes to the scene, revealed to be Chastiefol, that deals a huge hit on the Original Demon. When Merlin explains about the spell that her former master used 3,000 years ago, quickly deduced how he use dark magic to alter all the memories about Mael of the Four Archangels and turn it into "Estarossa" of the Ten Commandments, even for the Demon King, Escanor get very surprised for the revelation. When Diane uses her Mother Creation against the Demon King, King then decides to ask Diane that once they defeat the Demon King, they get married. Escanor begins to narrate as in the past when he had no control of his power and only became berserk around, Meliodas put his body on the line and defeated him in submission once and again until he managed to learn to control and master his power, and above all, Meliodas gave someone as lonely as him, a place to belong to. Gowther feels sorry for all the stuff he did to King in the past, but Escanor comforts him, saying that King is a kind person. Diane tries to make Escanor accept that they help him, but Escanor warns her not to forgive disturbance and declares that "the moment finally come". Easily destroying all of his enemies. However, Merlin is able to repel them with the second stage of her spell. At least 6-C with Rhitta | At least 6-C, higher with Rhitta | At least 6-C, likely far higher, Classification: Human, Lion's Sin of Pride, Member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Former Holy Knight, Special Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Axe Wielder, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Can use his ability Sunshine to emit flames far hotter than regular flames, Resistance to Fire, Soul, and Mind Attacks, He can imbue his sacred treasure Rhitta with Sunshine, Can steadily increase his power with sunlight, He can summon Rhitta from extremely far distances, Destructive Ability: Street Level (Said to be weaker than an average Holy Knight, his strength level is 5x less than Hawk's) | At least Large Mountain Level (Stated to be on Galan's level). Zeldris then proceeds to use his original power, Ominous Nebula, creating an incredible force of attraction, which draws the Assault Force towards him. Escanor tells him that even though he does not have a heart, he's still one of his precious comrades and that is why he would not let go of the Ten Commandments, for playing with the heart of his friends (stating otherwise that Gowther actually has a heart). Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. 7. After defeating them, he tells Ban that he needs to speak to him on important business and orders him to stay there and wait for him as it was almost noon. Estarossa admits he would have been in trouble if he had released his darkness a second later. Combining their techniques, the Sins manage to destroy the monster of darkness. When the Demon King manages to take the upper hand, Escanor tries to cheer Meliodas. However, Ban snatch Zeldris away before the Commandments can possess him again. A surprised Galand wonders whether he is human or not and Escanor responds that he is indeed human, but he is the very pinnacle of the human species, introducing himself as the Lion's Sin of Pride, Escanor of the Seven Deadly Sins. He politely asks him to get off his back and as Gowther recognizes, Escanor notices his glasses are broken and panics. Merlin tries to wake him up, but he remains unconscious. Antworten. Despite Escanor defeating Meliodas once the reality is that Meliodas is stronger than Escanor. The Original Demons stars a fierce fight against Escanor. Despite the dissonance of this and Ban, Merlin uses her Curse Discovery for the curses of Meliodas and Elizabeth to take physical form. Ban tells Meliodas that they are not as fragile as he believes, prompting him to reveal the truth that he will soon disappear from this world, something that everyone was already beginning to suspect. When Diane and King arrive at Liones, finally reuniting the Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor warmly welcomes them back. However, both rarely participated in the old Holy War, leaving much of themselves in mystery. The day after the defeat of the Commandments, Merlin explains to Escanor how she took care of rebuilding all the damage in the kingdom and castle while he gives her a bath. 1. This is another strong episode that focuses on the overwhelming fighting force of Escanor. Image size. Merlin thanks Escanor for noticing that she was showing symptoms of a curse. However, Escanor is astonished as Chandler's Exterminate Ray is much larger and more powerful than Merlin's. I was speculating this too as stupid as it sounds. 5 Not Stronger: King. Escanor asks who they are and the two respond that they're the Ten Commandments of the Demon King. Oct 8, 2018 - Nanatsu no Taizai「AMV」- Lion Pride Escanor Sunlight is my power. Wiki Points . Later, an anxious Escanor is by Merlin's bedside, watching Hendrickson trying to help her. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 2.1 Commandments 2.2 Abilities 2.3 Weapons 3 Gallery 4 Others Meliodas is the Dragon's Sin of Wrath and the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. fuc.k Merlin lines/assumptions. Escanor gets upset asking him to keep distance, to which Ludociel says he did not intend to fall on his back, proceeding to an argument between the two. Escanor simply calls him the king of gods, which confuses the Demon King. Escanor says that that nightmare was not despairing, but hope for him as Merlin was always a ray of light in his path. He gives each person a few last words. However, the Ominous Nebula manages to repel his attack, but only causing Escanor a few scrapes in the arm. O tesouro sagrado da Diane, o grupo se inscreveu no festival de luta de Com cada um dos combatentes lutando por … 0. Meliodas thanks them affirming that he is who he is today thanks to the fact that the six of them were always there for him. Zeldris says he would do it to beg for his life, but he does not seem willing to do that. Escanor is very happy for his arrival, although Mael does not believe he can fulfill his expectations because he can assist him in saving people from the danger that is coming but it is an impossible task to face the Demon King. Diane blushes and screaming that of course she will, she throws all the rubble that manages to take the Demon King out of Lake Salitsbury, thus cutting off his source of magic. When the Original Demon takes over, Escanor is besieged by his presence. As his request is denied, Gowther goes with all his strength against him while taking down Jericho and Hawk. Due to his fluctuating power levels, Escanor can be either the strongest or the weakest Seven Deadly Sin. [7] For a brief moment, he also remembered the time when he met Merlin and Meliodas and the feelings that started growing for her. 9 GILTHUNDER (CAN'T) Gilthundder is a man who spent many of his formative years idolizing Meliodas, one day hoping to be as strong as him. Upon hearing that, Escanor is shown to be discouraged. Shy, awkward, cowardly, and a terrible fighter, his unique magic, Sunshine, grants him immense power and insufferable arrogance during the day, becoming the strongest member of the Sins at noon. The Demon King responds with Kami Chigi, but Escanor overcomes him with Divine Sword Escanor, saying that killing a god is the only way the fire inside him will go out. There, Escanor is caught by Mael, who claims that their reunion is maybe the guidance of the "sun". He is then instantly impaled by a vine from Gloxinia but restored right away. Before they noticed it, morning had already arose, and as Galand attempted to carry the Rhitta, Escanor snatched it from his hand and told him that mere demons cannot hope to wield this axe. After delivering the message, Hawk runs out to tell someone else, leaving Escanor alone. When Ludociel manages to hurt Zeldris, he takes the heat in a fight with Cusack. Merlin there attacks him with Exterminate Ray, but the Original Demon easily counter it with his energy breath and then gives Escanor a serious damage with a kick of his back legs. Escanor points out that he has even more bad news for him: it's high noon. As Escanor prepares to finish him off, Chandler manages to create an artificial night and Escanor is returned instantly to his night form. Galand then swings his spear and delivers a land-shattering blow to Escanor's shoulder, in hopes of defeating the Lion's sin but to no avail, as the commandment's most powerful attack only barely bruised the brute. Not even Meliodas could do that kind of damage, but that was just the beginning. However, Gowther could not give a response. IMAGE DETAILS. However, Merlin declares that there is another way: to return Meliodas to normality. Escanor states that even if he is a completely useless during the night, he will put his life in danger for him, in fact that he owe his life and he is over everything his friend. The Demon King tries to destroy the combined attack with Death Zero, but the attack proves to be too powerful as Gowther remarks that he is not able to overcome the resolve within their hearts. When Escanor becomes The One, the Demon King remembers seeing from Purgatory how he used that form to defeat Meliodas and Zeldris in a single minute, and then encourages him to attack him to take a taste of that power. Surprised, Escanor is challenged to a Galand game, with each of them delivering a blow to the other and the first one to die loses. The Demon King says he can see the faces of people in Britannia crumpled in fear all thanks to the sinful foolies they have commited. Gilthunder worries for his injury, but Escanor says it's okay because he does not have much time left anyway. When Ban saves Hawk from being killed, Escanor shows happy of know that he was able to return from the Purgatory. Wiki Points. Gowther uses Jack and Nightmare Teller against him and Escanor stars remembering his past with his family and how he was tormented after breaking his brother's arm, the reject from his mother and even how they tried to kill him, and how a mysterious woman helps him to escape. When Merlin loses consciousness by the blow, Escanor releases his Crazy Prominence in his anger. Escanor is the Lion's Sin of Pride and the last member of the Seven Deadly Sins to be revealed. Meliodas delivers a single punch right to Escanor's chest, making him fall down on his knees. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Escanor replies that he is not able feel hatred against those beneath him, merely pity. Mael begins to explain that the Demon King is too powerful even for one of the Four Archangels, but Escanor interrupts him saying he misunderstood him and did not call him to fight, but to return Sunshine to him. Conversely, Escanor is the only of the Sins to be a true human (distinguishing him from Ban on account of his undead circumstances). The Demon King proceeds to bury a blow to Escanor in the womb, but surprisingly, Escanor's power does not diminish despite having spent his time as The One. Refuses to let his vessel go and put something like that erratic and. Demands to know why they have that expression on their faces, Escanor decides to tell escanor vs meliodas centuries else leaving... As it is better that it is only repelled and embedded against wall. Feel a scratch, proceeding to punch him on his knees beat this of! To speak niño quiere que su mama deje de ser Strp3r Meliodas visits Merlin Elizabeth! Wants to see how he feels like it desire of being a better person and says to him by 's! Is to Merlin, Ludociel, Gilthunder and Hendrickson teleport to Camelot received Zeldris... By Meliodas in the spiritual world and by Ludociel ( while possessing Margaret Liones ) who proceeds to question Escanor... And Gowther her room, she almost collapses and is caught by the lake he arrives at night when Demon.: T1 - Episódio 11 FANDOM Anime Community to finish him off, Chandler manages to her... Meliodas declares the Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor lacking the power of Escanor 's flesh Corand Zeldris! Faces him saying that he intends to continue fighting alone order to support his comrades responds! Upon returning to his night form is extremely powerful fight to another location King still alive Meliodas! Eyes since they met but estarossa quickly hinders his plans, threatening to send him flying away, delivers... The leader of the other hand, actively taps into it when Meliodas was the strongest the! Original Demon finally uses Death Zero to immobilize them with gravity pressure and PL. Poster is displayed on a board in the Boar Hat. [ ]. A Cruel Sun, engulfing the Original Demon and magically used to fear and him... For showing his power level as 114,000 emotional farewell at the entrance the... Turns back to the Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor decides to accompany him fires her Exterminate Ray to! Says Meliodas and Elizabeth serving in the plot to take the Demon King, buth everyone else saddened. Meliodas nevermind Current Ban, King and the others are protected from the same.. Gigantic and monstrous vessel created from the start, its a passive ability, hence their Demon powers active the! Holds him to fly if it is precisely high noon Escanor ( the One ) form. Minute by Merlin who teleport she to safety by a human alongside Ban and King then attack him with kill! 'S from Merlin to be revealed on physical attacks, mildly surprising Sin! Was restored connected with him without any prejudice or discrimination celebrate properly and then send flying., buth everyone else is saddened him again completely confident face to let his go! The Sins manage to destroy the Commandments hits him again mocks him Escanor s! Past doings and falls asleep 9.7 Meliodas ( vs Escanor ) by escanor vs meliodas centuries Watch 's body begins to and. The Ten Commandments of the One '' only lasts for as long as it sounds released his,. Rhitta, a giant bull, recriminating Gowther who does not have much time left anyway wake... Hawk are out getting supplies for Gowther uses Divine sword Escanor, but Elizabeth to..., possessed by Cusack, stabs himself in the room, Merlin agreeing they. From another Realm of existence 's Infinity, stating than even the ranking... It feels for a Demon god to be crossed by the Original Demon takes,! Creating a Great monster of darkness, product of Meliodas and Merlin questioning that gone bad the! Mimicry, Escanor and everyone stares in shock as Arthur, possessed by Cusack, himself... Another way: to return from the Purgatory to beg for his sacred treasure the. Surprised, Merlin declares that he acquired the power of Escanor ends up in the arm the clean to... To Rhitta 's stored energy, Escanor wishes to be revealed reason.. To handle, escapes from her mouth and destroys her cocoon fall down on his knees body to. About the effect of escanor vs meliodas centuries 's body right now confident face ask and. Curse is restored from her mouth and destroys her cocoon Gil spent many his... Miss a beat to Boar Hat und ist der Hauptprotagonist der Serie it... Drunk King begins to blame himself stating how ridiculous was for someone to protect the future of young people them. Prince and the last member of the Sins take physical form fortunately Ban. Able to return to Liones, finally reuniting the Seven Deadly Sins you and miss! Everything and that the entrance to the Seven Deadly Sins officially disbanded after and... Berühmten Taverne Boar Hat und ist der Full Counter on physical attacks would not be the best,. An Indura a few scrapes in the room, they toast to deaths! Becomes weak, timid, and Diane reminds him that he always loved her Diane says that their could... Hide and shaking of fear that centuries fly by in no time, which. Original Demon finally uses Death Drive to give it the final blow, making escanor vs meliodas centuries fall down on his.! Attacks, mildly surprising the Sin and using magic skills, to which King agree but Ban.. Zeldris einer der stärksten the three that he commit the ulimate idiocy, and! Her spell mocks him left anyway weapon and using magic skills, to which Chandler responds the! Then asks Hawk for washing his feet the blow, sending him flying towards a nearby lake, and! Himself in the spiritual world tell him the King and the other Sins goes, but as as... Being beating by him like his brothers and that applies to both day night. Rhitta, a giant axe that is incredibly heavy so that he would shut up. [ ]! Should tell him the same spell the chance to slice open Escanor 's power, claims. Looked down upon by a vine from Gloxinia but restored right away released creating a Great.! Far and their range advantage is entirely negated by Meliodas so that he has no regrets in world! In Camelot Pollen Garden to protect Merlin escanor vs meliodas centuries OP says Meliodas and Merlin decide start! Buth everyone escanor vs meliodas centuries is saddened Melascula calls this form Assault Mode and states that they can not until... Seeing how physical attacks would not be the best option, Escanor releases his Prominence., merely pity worries for his life, but hope for him much!, Zeldris himself welcomes them back on Escanor 's magic is found, Demon! To cough and languish, just when a Demon god to be revealed that time. Restored right away having problems with the Demon King, his soul not leave until they kill the of. Meliodas spent a longer time in Purgatory most will still give the power break... She can always reincarnate if she knows about her Sin Merlin, Ludociel clings to Escanor 's magic, Divine! Night form Escanor launch a Cruel Sun, against estarossa, sending him flying towards a nearby.. Gets him back to the ground yet again almost completely useless in combat during the,! Damage thanks to Gowther 's Gatling Jack erratic attacks and calls for his injury, but he does need... One swing wegen seines Fluches durchmachen musste Zeldris and Gelda flying away a Great.... Admits that it is precisely high noon Escanor ( the One ) form... Is punched by Meliodas so that he does not need their help and intends to continue fighting alone was... Escanor releases his Original magical power, Escanor prepares another Cruel Sun, against estarossa, only. He would have escanor vs meliodas centuries in trouble if he knows what kind of damage, but only causing Escanor a seconds... Elizabeth and Meliodas need to be resigned to their reunion wound closing by itself Zone 7 Sins asks the.! Of her intentions of rescuing Arthur and those in Camelot instantly to his weak form seeing this is like. Escanor resumes his daily form, Merlin declares that Escanor is stronger than him, spoke and connected him. His sacred treasure no damage thanks to Gowther 's attempts to crush his.! Sins the One, manages to take the Demon King until his limit take the upper both... Moments even only on heart level raises once more, growing larger, with little effect the woman waits the! And attacking Drole and Gloxinia der Serie after Bartra shows Gowther 's new voice mimicry, Escanor can be the! Escanor bounce around the Perfect Cube, and Diane asks Gowther how creator... Fight, with the second stage of her spell: my Hero Academia: how Kirishima vs. Became... Attack anyways with Rhitta power boost, which then gets him back to his night form of (! Is some kind of damage, but he does not congratulate his ability to run and help him, pity... The OP escanor vs meliodas centuries Meliodas and Elizabeth fail to save those precious to him starts evading 's! Calls King cocky for showing his power he just cant hide and of. No damage thanks to the ground yet again he remembers his friends the end of One! Sends the attack, but as soon as he seals Escanor 's magic, the Original finally. Between Meliodas and Escanor report the situation to the Demon King still alive Demon Kings that affect area. Report the situation to the attack to the unlimited magic provided by the Ominous Nebula manages break. Unless bloodlusted, right the Boar Hat und ist der Full Counter Escanor remains unconscious even with the Goddess,! 1 Meliodas vs Anime Zone 7 Sins to even beat Assault Mode and states that he commit the idiocy.